The sacred path of the Tarot

How can a random drawing from a deck of Tarot cards possibly have a message for me?


Throughout history in every culture there are seers, (whether you call them mystics, guides, diviners, shamans, fortune tellers, medicine people, sybils, magicians, “witch doctors”, etc). These seers use a variety of “oracles” to discover spiritual messages on behalf of their clients or community.

How does this work?


We are continually bombarded with spiritual information, in seemingly random waves. Most of us are not tuned in to this information because it would be overwhelming to be constantly open to a flood of spiritual knowledge. Those who are open, but not trained, are often classified as insane because they cannot separate the material world from the spiritual. A Seer is an explorer, willing to investigate the spiritual universe to bring back knowledge, wisdom, and useful information for the benefit of their clients and community.


The tools seers use vary – Tarot, Ogham, Runes, I Ching, bones, stones, crystal balls, feathers, patterns of bird flight, flame divination, cloud watching, water gazing, patterns in sand, etc. Almost any random pattern can be used in divination. The universe speaks to us continuously in endless seemingly random patterns, which can be interpreted and decoded by an intuitive, knowledgeable, and experienced seer.


Synchronicity is the philosophy that there “are no coincidences” and that a random pulling of Tarot cards, which are placed in a specific pattern, is a vehicle for spirit to reveal its message to a Tarot reader.


The Tarot has many uses, including meditation, ritual, spiritual exploration, and trance journeying. But it is perhaps best known for its use in divination. Many centuries of mystic knowledge and experience have gone into the creation of the symbols encoded in these cards, which make them an effective bridge between the worlds of matter and spirit.

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